How to freeze data based on user confirmation?


If a user clicks an action button, I want to lockdown the data in table that's available to that user so that he cannot change or modify it later. Once done, it should be frozen! Any approach to achieve this functionality is highly appreciated.

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  • anand.shekhawat


    You can achieve the functionality by using a simple concept of Dynamic Cell access. Follow the below steps


    Step 1) Create a DCA module with three line items, two boolean formatted and one 'No Data' formatted. Dimension the module by user list.



    Step 2)

    Use the above module as a read/write access driver for the data module, where you want to lock the data for user entry.


    Step 3)

    Create an action which will copy the 'No Data' field into 'Write' line item of your DCA module. This will act as the action to 'Lock' the data module.


    After entering the desired input the user have to run this action to lock the fields. To unlock, simply check the 'Write' boolean.


    I hope it helps







  • Hi Anand,


    I tried this but can you please elaborate the third step because no action is generated to create the button when I perform the instructions.

  • @mohitlamba0101 

    When you import the 'Lock' line item into the 'Write' line item, an import action will be created for sure. You can publish that particular action on the dashboard. To elaborate

    Step 1) Create a saved view keeping only the 'Lock' line item field.

    Step 2) Now import it into the main view of the module by mapping the Write line item to the Lock line item.

    An import action gets created in the Imports section of the Actions.


    Let me know if things are still not clear.