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As we work with larger and larger models - Data Hub and now Hyper Models the instances of blue toaster errors are becoming intolerable for most people.  Even the slightest error can result in blue toaster for 10mins per time.  


It other forms of IT there is a distinction between verbose error handling and truncated error handling.  Given that Anaplan has detected an error immediately I request a way of receiving the instant error and if more info is required then let Anaplan perform the blue toaster.  Majority of cases an experienced builder can see the error  - punctuation for example.







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  • I agree because our model is recalculated in 21 minutes, so every mistake is like death. It would be great if the blue toaster can work in 3 steps:

    1. the Blue Toaster stops when it detects an error and the user can choose if the Blue Toaster should continue the search or terminate it

    2. if the user chooses to continue the search, the Blue Toaster will find the first error step without checking through the whole model. The user can also decide to perform the full search or terminate it

    3. if the user chooses to perform the full search, the Blue Toaster will recalculate the whole model and find all reasons of the error


    That 3-step method will save a lot of time and nerves too.

  • Another vote for this functionality

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