Working with Processes and Actions


Hi Team,  Placing these here as a bulk request:


1. Would like edit/view contents of Action when I find it in a Process. 

Today I have to abandon the process then go find it from the Actions list.


2. Search Actions when building a process:  

When building a Process we have to scroll up and down the list of Action (which may not be alphabetised).  Would like a search option or at least to view a sorted list.



Would like to build sub-processes which could be called from a Process – EMEA, APAC which can be called from a Master process. Much more readable than very long list and look much better when executing.


4.Go to Saved View from an Action:

Having identified a Saved View used in action I would like to open it directly from the action or go to module/search and paste in the entire reference (full object name) without having to search module/open module/find saved view


Thank you





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  • Another vote for this functionality, this would make dealing with processes much simpler.

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