Workspace size per user


I'm looking to increase the size of my workspace. I understand that to do this I'll need to add additional user licenses.


For each of the 3 user types (Model Builder, Professional, Limited), how much workspace size does each user give you?


So if, for example, I need to add 20GB of space, how many of each user type would I need to add?

Best Answer

  • OliverMunns

    To summarise the answers below and some additional info that I've received:


    Each of the user types come with the following workspace capacity:

     - Model Builder: 4GB

     - Professional: 4GB

     - Limited: 0GB


    It may be possible, under some contracts, to add workspace allowance without adding users. However, this doesn't seem to be possible by default.


  • @OliverMunns


    It is 4GB per user, so if you need 20GB you will have to get 5 user licenses. I would say get in touch with your Anaplan Business Partner, he should be able to give more info on that.



  • Hi @Misbah


    Does this apply to all user types?

  • I believe you can also purchase blocks of space without adding users.  Will be dependent upon your contract but ones I've seen in the past include this option.  As Misbah suggested your Anaplan business partner should be able to assist in determining the right option for you.


    As an FYI, limited users do not have workspace allotted so those would not contribute to additional size.