Enable MFA for secure login to Anaplan




I would strongly like Anaplan to enable us to require MFA for login to Anaplan.

Currently we have Anaplan integrated with Azure for SSO logins for internal staff but for external users it is username and password only which is a real worry.

As we all know MFA is an absolute must and we would really appreciate this being enabled asap




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  • I appreciate that Anaplan supports SSO so we can secure model access for regular users but there is huge security hole left open with the lack of MFA for admin accounts. Can we expect MFA to be added soon? I would like to be able to sleep at night.

  • Agree with Greg's post. As all organizations need to strengthen their Cybersecurity posture, MFA has become a mandatory requirement. The lack of MFA for Admin Accounts is currently deemed a deficiency in many organizations. I would sign up for MFA asap.

  • What is Admin Account if i may ask


    When is MFA going to be available, where do we locate the Anaplan roadmap? Thanks!

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