Add API functionality to list the line items shown in a Saved View

I would like to see a new API call or an update to the existing view metadata call, that lists which line items are "shown" in a saved view. 


The only way to get this information now is to read the view and parse the header line.


When using the API to build an integration, pulling the metadata of an object before pulling the data from that object is a common practice. This is often done to dynamically create the target in which that data will be loaded. 



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  • Hi Anaplan team,


    I would like to echo the above request by @scott.smith . 


    we are having similar requirement, wherein we would want to know what all line items are being used for a saved view and in its filters. currently, there is a workaround by creating an export action and retrieving the details from the header. but, this workaround is not scalable as one has to create an export action for each saved view in a module to retrieve only the line item names..


    I hope soon in the next update we would have an endpoint for the views enlisting the line items with its id's shown.




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