Aspiring Solution Architect: Session 1

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This interactive session features three Master Anaplanners who will share their perspectives on the role of Solution Architect andthe many pathways to achieving it. Hear about the diverse experiences of those who have personally pursued that role and mentored others in it, and gain actionable recommendations for your own path to Ana-lightenment. Open to all knowledge and skill levels, we welcome your contributions to the conversation.


  • Einas Ibrahim, Senior Consulting Manager, Voiant Group

  • Tiffany Rice, Anaplan Specialist, Prudential

  • Joshua Baker, Vice President, PJT Partners




  • Wow, this was such a fun session with @einas.ibrahim & @joshbaker4! I really loved all the questions and audience engagement!  As mentioned, we'd love to keep the conversation going so let's use this as a place to do that.  Thanks for tuning in!

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  • @einas.ibrahim 

    Was a great session! Enjoyed it thoroughly - great teamwork with @Tiffany.Rice and @josh.baker - perfect balance. Always a big shout out to @JamiesonC - the unsung hero in all this. Without him, I'm not sure there would be an Anaplan Live!