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The Powerpoint add-in does not allow users to create custom module views. This is essential for user adoption of the add-in, especially when a referenced model utilizes ALM (Dev/Prod). In its current state, the Powerpoint add-in relies on saved views from a model. This is fine when the underlying model is in Standard mode, but when using a Deployed model, every time a new view is needed, a Workspace Admin needs to push a sync from Dev to Prod. This is cumbersome.

It would be much easier if the Powerpoint add-in functioned the same as the Excel add-in in this regard. Allowing users to create their own custom views is the most efficient way to go.

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  • Hi @DavidEdwards

    Anaplan for Microsoft365, the new upcoming set of extensions, will close this gap between Excel and PowerPoint Add-ins and will allow you to connect with saved views from UX cards.

  • @VeronicaP Oh wow, that sounds exciting! Do you have any information on this new extension, or know when is the expected release date? The team I'm working with is eager to know if there are any updates coming for Powerpoint.

  • It will be released in Q1 next year, so the official comms will be shared in the coming months. But if you have any further feedback you would like to share from your team's experience, I would be glad to schedule a call together. 

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