Bulk Copy Action for Production Lists


This idea relates to the Bulk Copy action enhancement released in a platform update earlier this month (Nov 6 2021 release). (Thank you by the way for that enhancement!)


We would like the ability to execute the Bulk Copy action for Production Lists. (Currently, the action is limited to only non-Production Lists.) Bulk Copy for Production Lists is critical for us since we leverage Bulk Copy extensively with lists that get changed in a deployed/Prod environment. (E.g., user has ability to create their own list member representing a what-if scenario, and then Bulk Copy to/from that list member.)


Related to this idea, we'd also like the ability to execute the Bulk Copy action by a non-Workspace Admin, and for the Source/Target list members for the Bulk Copy to be tied to Line Items, so the action is dynamic/flexible , as opposed to the Bulk Copy Source/Target fixed to specific list members, but I see there are already Ideas out there in the Exchange, so I'll just piggyback off of those:



Paul Rappmund


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