UX Idea: Conditional Formatting Pre-saved Templates

As a page builder I wolud like to be able to save templates for conditional formatting to select it later for alike line items (with same dimensions in the same module).

This will save me a lot of precious building time doing repetative tasks because currently I have to prepare CF for each line item from scratch.

Let's say I have a simple quarter, half-year and year columns coloring for a better visibility. This have to be applied accross majority of the published grids on a board the same way. The grids may sourcing from a single module and different line items used as page selectors or be located as rows.


I would like to set up and then save my color formatting with custom naming.

Saved properties will be:

- Values from

- Style

- Minimum (Value)

- Minimum (HEX color)

- Midpoint 1 (Value)

- Midpoint 1 (HEX color)

- Midpoint 2 (Value)

- Midpoint 2 (HEX color)

- Midpoint N (Value)

- Midpoint N (HEX color)

- Maximum (Value)

- Maximum (HEX color)


Use case:

Each time I select a conditional formatting I can see a list with pre-saved CFs which have already been saved for this module anywhere in the app (like in card templates). After selecting one - all properties will automatically be filled in and I will have to either apply the settings OR be able to correct it and apply after being satisfied with the settings.



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    Big thanks to @Aiaz Shagapov for use case!


  • Had a similar idea, today, although I was even thinking of making the template agnostic to the module used. Yet I see the benefit of having a limited number of templates to choose from, especially in larger models. 

  • Last week I updated 50 lines with the same formatting... it is extremely frustrating to have to start from scratch every single time. Please consider this for road map!

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