9.2.5 Activity: 5.0% not carried forward




Need help for 9.2.5 Activity: Add Formulas to Price Growth Rates Staging Module


It was said to enter 5.00% for the FY19 Unit Cost % in REV04 Price Growth Rates module,
but it hasn't carried forward to the Unit Cost% for FY19 in REV05 Price Growth Rates Staging module.


Please refer the screenshot for reference.


- Gourav





  • @gourav1kumar 

    You're very close. To make the connection between REV05 and REV04 you have to from G2/P1 to G3/P2. So in both cases we need to use a LOOKUP. You can find these relationships in SYS04 and SYS06, respectively. So your formula will look similar to this: 

    'REV04 Price Growth Rates'.Unit Price %[LOOKUP: 'SYS04 Location Details'.Country, LOOKUP: 'SYS06 Product Details'.Product Family]

    From what I can tell your modules are set up correctly, so this should work. Good luck!!

  • Hi Jared,

    If I have understood correctly, do I need to add formula in REV04 Price Growth Rates module as well?
  • @gourav1kumar 

    No formula needed in REV04, just REV05. Check your formula in REV05 with the one I provided.

  • @JaredDolich 


    The formula do matches as per yours which was provided.


    Attaching screenshot for your reference.
    I also attached dimensions screenshot.


  • @gourav1kumar 

    Your formula looks great! What summary method do you have on your REV04 formulas?

  • @JaredDolich,

    Summary method I have given Average
  • @gourav1kumar 

    Let's take a look at your system modules then. Can you make sure all your list items are present in SYS04 and SYS06 and you have mapped your country and product family correctly?





  • @JaredDolich 


    Please find attached the screenshots of system modules.


    I have mapped it correctly.


    - Gourav

  • @gourav1kumar 

    We're close. It's something simple. Can you take a screen shot of your modules? Let me check the lists and calendars. 

  • @JaredDolich

    In the learning it was mentioned to copy REV04 and paste and do necessary changes like name change/dimensions change.

    I did it accordingly which did not help me to carry forward the 5.0%.

    Now when I deleted the REV05 module and recreated manually rather than copying, the 5.0% automatically carried forward.

    Thank you so much Jared for your time and help.

    - Gourav