Have CloudWorks support DCA


I would like to see CloudWorks support Dynamic Cell Access.


Our organization has a model-to-model import process that would not run correctly in CloudWorks due to the source module having DCA.

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  • This capability would greatly increase efficiency.

  • 100% agree.  CloudWorks needs to support Dynamic Cell Access to be viable.

  • Have you seen the "workaround" on this? Need to ensure that the internal user can write to all top levels that are DCA'd. Can find this by going to the relevant lists and clicking as appropriate.

    There are a couple of ideas out there to have this user either available in the user list or main admin screen.




  • Yes please. I'm seeing other comments about allowing us to maintain the access permissions for the Internal (Full access) "user" like any other user. Taking it one step further, could we have Cloudworks use the user's access that set up/run the specific action for better access control. When I view activity, it shows the user that runs the action, even on a scheduled run, it's whomever set up that action.




  • Hi @andrewtye ,

    I tried your workaround, i.e. granting the internal (full access) user write access to any list that has selective access and any list that has DCA set up, but it is still not working. The integration always completes as successful, but when I look at the result all data is cleared instead of being overwritten by the import action.

    I also set myself up as a restricted integration user, because I thought that with this workaround I could schedule the cloudworks integration to run using that user instead of the internal full access user, however, I don't seem to find how to change from internall full access user to the restriced access user. Anyone who can help me with that?

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