Add MEDIAN Function to Anaplan


As we expand our use cases within our org, we are faced with more and more times that we need to calculate a Median within a data set (ex. Revenue, Median Deal Value, Median Salary, etc.).  There is a quite elaborate workaround that is posted on the community, which has been a lifesaver, but it takes up to 13 line items to calculate the median value.  If you need to see that by a different list (think Median Salary by Region vs Median Salary by Job Function) you are stuck recreating different flavors of those 13 line items, potentially in many modules over and over again.  This seems like an incredible amount of overhead for a calculation that is done incredibly simply in excel. 


As Anaplan moves more into positioning itself as an advanced analytics tool, the ability to calculate the Median via a function/formula will be critical.  

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  • I totally agree with you, Median should be a standard, built-in function.


    About workaround, I've never needed 13 line items, just 3 are usually enough:


    Check for 10 items:


    Check for 9 items:



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