Contents: Unable to modify checkbox


As an admin, I am unable to modify some of the checkboxes on the contents page for various roles.

  1. Why are some checkboxes able to be modified, while others are not?
  2. How can an admin update this?

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Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Great question. The reason is because in your "Users" "Roles" sections, you have not given that specific permission to read or to write, therefore it is assumed no access and the box is disabled. To make it editable, simply change the role's permissions to access the appropriate objects.


  • Thanks Jared for the details around why the boxes are disabled.


    Additional details around the solution:

    • The user role must have access to all modules visible on a dashboard
    • In our case, we had modules associated with filters on a dashboard (to enable multi select), which was the culprit as we missed adding read/write access to these modules.


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