New e-mail for current user


Is there an option in Anaplan to copy user's accesses from different models to another user?

The case here is a new e-mail for an excisting user.

Does the administration tenant page can help with that somehow?

API maybe?


  • @KirillKuznetsov Currently, only a workspace admin can update security in a model. Maybe in the future, the Security Admin role from the Tenant could have more "powers", but I think it will always be in a combination with workspace admin. 


    Currently, the Security admin role can only add/delete a user on a Workspace in the administration tenant page..but the user is added in that workspace with "No access" role and a workspace admin needs to go model per model to update the security :(.


    Also, I did not find any Transactional REST API to export the Selective access security from a model. 


    It would be really cool to have the possibility to create a new user indicating to have the same credentials as another user and, in the background, for all the models that the old user has access, to copy the security from old user to the new user... Maybe to create an idea exchange ?