Copy user access settings across all WS in tenant


Hi all,

Idea: As an tenant admin I would like to be able to copy user's access settings across the client's workspaces.

Case: It is essential in cases where person's e-mail got changed or his/her role is taken by somebody else.

Problem: Now I have to do everything manually from model to model. And i have only one ability to add new user with "No Access" role to all necessary WSs at once (which is obviously just a part of the excersize)

Solution: Would be nice to have afunctionality with the fields:

  • Existing user - be able to select a user I want to copy access from
    • WSs available - a list of ws the selected user currently has access to
  • Copy to - a table where I can put user e-mails (+Name, Surname)
  • Apply - button to confirm the creation/amend of the access

Possible concerns: I expect amend access feature is easier to say than done due to many reasons including security.

But at least creation feature would save a lot of time. (as a workaround of amendment  - admin always could delete the user from the systems and then using the new copy feature apply access settings all at once)


Best regards,

Kirill Kuznetsov

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On Roadmap · Last Updated


  • Our roadmap includes the introduction of groups :

    you can assign users to a group

    use the group to define model level access. 

    This would produce the same result as your above suggestion.

  • Following - @connie.j I have also noticed your update the other day re: locked SSO accounts issue. What could we expect in terms of timelines ? Is there an early roadmap that can be disclosed for anything user access related?

  • +1 upvote from me @KirillKuznetsov 

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