Excel Add-In Options for Export of Data


While the Excel Add-In has seen significant improvements in both functionality and performance in recent months, it would be useful if a user could have the option to treat the data more of an "Export" and less as a "Pivot" - 

I am trying to essentially accomplish the below - but through functionality I would expect from the Add-In



In any list and Module you have the option to "Export" the data which often produces a "flat" output with repeating columns and rows for list members and headers to match. The Excel Add-In does an admirable job of mimicking what a user might see directly in Anaplan but a poor job in making the data useable in "Excel" using what I would describe as "base excel functionality". 

Our use case is: A User wants the ability to export an output report across months/quarters so that they can create functional charts within Excel for publishing to management.

While the new report builder tool is good at creating reports, the lack of colors, font size options and certain chart types makes it difficult to meet end user needs. As such it would be nice if data could be exported in a "flat" format without extensive manipulation.


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