API Read cell data by coordinate


As an integration builder, i need to be able to read cell data based on a cell coordinate.

This is similar to the update data api call with the difference that it s a read instead of write.

This is needed as sometimes you need a specific set of data to be interacted with other applications dynamically and you dont need to build a specific view for that.

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  • Hi, good idea, technically we can use default views or line items to retrieve data without building specific views, but it means a lot of unnecessary data is transferred, and then we need to map names of items to codes. And for bigger line items, we need to pass "pages" parameter with dimensions, so why not pass just general "dimensions", where we can specify which items exactly we want to see, no matter if they are pages or rows or columns, and only get what is needed?

  • My point exactly, it would be the same as the data write, except it would be a get cell value

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