Anaplan excel add-in


Hi Team,


What is difference between anaplan workspace and Excel add-in

Can we use excel add-in in replacement of anaplan workspace?




  • Hi,

    Anaplan workspace - is a cloud based workspace where Anaplan Business models will be Placed.

    Excel Add in - Will allow you to extend the excel functionality and interact with Data(read and write) across multiple platforms.

    Anaplan also supports Excel Add in.


  • Thanks for your response,


    So basically I can practice on Excel add-in correct ?? For level 1 certification

  • Hi,

    Sorry, you have to get access to Anaplan workspace to get your level 1 certification! done.

    Try reading below post for 90 days Trail with Anaplan- 

    As i said Excel Add in will allow you to use Excel functionality across platform (Anaplan will also support this functionality).