Set the delimiter for CSV Exports


The European format for CSV file is a semi colon delimiter and a comma decimal point.  The current behaviour is some European users seem to get an export in this format even though it is not supported in anaplan.  The windows/browser formatting seems to take over while other users get the more usual comma delimited file.  This causes can confusion and data integration issues.


It would be good if the delimiter and decimal point could be specified in the export (in a similar way to the current import behaviour) allow for consistent results for all users running the action and giving the customer control of the format of the export.


This is a issue for a number of our European customers particular one who have to present data in a specific format for load into another key systems.   

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  • I'm surprised that this has so few updates with so many customers who do business with European currency or have other special characters in their data that would cause issues.  I just met with Prudential, and they are very interested in having an enhancement where they can set custom delimiters as it is creating a lot of problems in their data exports.

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