Multi-language Pages & Object names

As a model builder I need the ability to create multi-language Pages for end users, who work within global multinational companies and prefer to make the analysis on the basis of information in their native languages.

I see this as an additional settings tab within Anaplan, where languages can be added in Languаge List (one list member is by default and can't be deleted, although can be renamed, others can be added/renamed/deleted by Administrator).

If additional Language is added, administrator can assign new names for list members (each member of numbered and ordinary lists, also Versions & Time), line items, module names and actions. If name for the object is not set up by Administrator, then the name of 'Language by default' is used.

Language settings should be also available for NUX Pages. Page Builders can select 'Customize Language', so then the 'copy' of the Page appears: he can re-fill the Text Cards for End Users and assign the Language from Language List for this Page. 

Finally, Administrator can set up the language for each User in Users Settings. If nothing is chosen, then the 'Language by Default' is applied. 

Some pictures are attached for better explanation, how it can be visualized:

2022-02-04_17-19-45 (2).png2022-02-04_17-21-02 (3).png2022-02-04_17-23-51 (2).png

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  • As a Model Builder I need the ability to create line item properties, similar to those found in lists and to be able to choose which line item property is displayed as the line item name.  The default naming property should be able to be applied as a model administrator for the whole model or by individual line item level to provide complete flexibility.  Individual users should be shown the default property, but have the ability to amend the naming to suit their specific requirements on a user by user basis.  Selections made by end users must not have an impact on what is seen by other end users. 

    This functionality must work with ALM and allow selections to be amended in the deployed mode of the model.  


    I need this functionality to allow me to create line items in multiple languages and to ensure that I can comply with any local legislation that specifies local languages must be available for end users.  This functionality would also allow model builders to provide common calculations with multiple names in the event different business functions define calculation names differently.  


    I will know when this has been completed when system administrators are able to define default languagues by model and individual users are able to amend this to their specific requirements for display in their dashboards. 


    I expect this to increase both end user satisfaction and adoption as each user will be able to select terminology that is relevant to them rather than relying on a single global setting.  

  • Miran
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  • Rebecca
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  • Guillaume.Auger
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    This functionality would be very useful to be able to share the same line items between different entities who don't use the same name.

    For example in the case of user filters for a product attribute which doesn't have the same name between two different brands. This would avoid having to duplicate line items and dashboards per brand, because they don't use the same terminology.

  • philip.austin
    edited February 2023

    I have also received this request from a customer wanting some users to see the texts (including line items, text cards…) display in one language, but other colleagues would see those same texts in another language.  

    A current solution approach is to build duplicate boards (and duplicate modules) … so that the other users can see all the texts in the second language.  Only problem is that this requires duplicate modules and it increases risk of errors (where one of the models has an incorrect formula or setting).

    I have also heard of customers who have chosen to put both languages in the name of each line item, but that assumes that it makes sense to display those two particular languages for every user.

  • JP
    edited February 2023

    Another use case for these "alias" names would be to have different versions and combinations of (long/short) name & code,
    e.g. "Doe, Jane"

    vs. "Jane Doe"

    vs. "E12345 - Jane Doe"

    vs. "Doe, Jane (E12345)".

  • @AnaplanIdeasPlease include this one to your next ideas review session. It's indispensable for our clients.

  • Takashi
    edited February 2023

    I strongly hope for Anaplan's multilingual capabilities. Many Japanese clients are not good at English, so if the user does not have the ability to switch the display language of line items, it can be a knockdown.

  • Has there been any solution for this? is there an easier approach than building an entire dulicate app and model?

  • @Rebecca ,

    Are there any updates with regards to this idea?

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Does anyone have update on this topic?
    Even now users have Japanese as available language in their profile, we still cannot get language setting lists/line items. It really affect user experience.

  • My customer would also need this Functionality as an international team would like to work in German and English on the same model. Can we please have an update on it?

  • +++ I also confirm that we have this request for Japan.

  • Can I please understand, if we have a default option by which different users have an ability to choose the language as per their convenience? I have certain users with English preference and certain users for French.

    Can anyone please help me.

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