Allow a Process Action to have other Process Actions within it


I have a 26 step process in my Model (Process A).  I have created a new, 31 step, process (Process B).

I have just realized that I would like the user to always run Process A after they run Process B.  Currently this now means editing Process B and individually adding all 26 steps that are in Process A.


Allow the MB to edit Project B and:

  1. Select Project A from the list and add it to the end of Project B
  2. OR
  3. Select Project A and see all 26 steps from Project A added to the end of Project B

I prefer option 1.

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  • I have Processes that need to run several times, with changes made to the model between each run. I currently need to have several identical processes that do exactly the same thing.

  • I've long thought the idea of having a process in a process would be really useful.


    Say I have a data hub, and then a downstream model.  I might have a process to import my product hierarchy, then a process to import the customer hierarchy, then a process to import sales history etc.  Just a product hierarchy import alone could involved 10+ actions if I am importing into multiple lists for the various levels of the hierarchy and then properties into property modules.


    Ideally I would want a 'Update All' process which contains each of the individual processes.  Of course I could just put all the actions into the 'Update All' process but it becomes much harder to maintain.

  • Hello,


    I have a use case where I need to have a process with an import and also to include a Copy Branch action which is not currently available.


    We need to have a Copy Branch action to copy appraisals and also an import to update the appraisal's version date based on the current date.




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