Anaplan History Tracking



While analyzing history for an Anaplan Model, I came across some inconsistencies. The history seemed to be different when I exported the history for a particular cell as compared to the entire model history. e.g.

Consider the below screenshots


[You can see ID: 2125693 is showing twice]


[The above screenshot is also from the same model, notice the same ID along with a different element in combined Versions]


When I export the model history, it seemed to be missing those finer points.


[Notice the same ID only once along with no details about the change]


Should I conclude that not all changes can be tracked with Model History? or Is there a finer point here which I am missing? 


Any help would be appreciated


Aakash Sachdeva




  • Misbah



    I don't think Bulk Data Change captures every change in the history log. Imports can be huge so I think that may be the reason that it doesn't capture - However I am not 100 percent confident on this one.


    See if this page helps


    Miz Logix

  • @aakash Indeed, a particular cell history log does not show the same information as the general model history log. The only link with the model general log is the ID.


    The model history log does not show all the data combinations and cells that have been modified.

    The import actions leave in the general model history log only general information of what action has been launched, without all the details per every modified cell by that particular action. 


    The cells modifications that can be tracked in the model history log are only the manual input modification cells. 


    Currently, there is no place to export massively ALL the cell modifications made by the import actions. 


    Hope it helps