TEXTLIST summary for line items with format set to Text


As Model Builder, I want to have additional choice - TEXTLIST - when selecting summary for line items formatted as Text.

When TEXTLIST is selected, summary should join/concatenate lower level data. Preferably, joining should be done using separator defined by user (as different appilcations may need comma, colon, dot, semicolon, pipe, newline or even something else). If user input cannot be supported, at least using drop-down and choosing from predefined options, in a similair way we can pick which line items should be used for Ratio summary for numbers, so we can choose "," (comma), but also "\n" (newline) or ",\n" (comma with newline).

This would compliment existing TEXTLIST() and [TEXTLIST:] functions, and be especially helpful for cases like:

  • escalation of comments inputted by users on lower levels, up in the hierarchy,
  • show which months were overriden/adjusted at quarterly/yearly overview (Time-summaries)
  • easily gather tags/flags assigned to individual items at Top Level
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  • I m quite sure you could use the formula summary type to achieve this.

  • Hi @david.savarin,
    I think we are talking about different things, as sometimes indeed "formula" summary is OK, but it won't work for the cases I listed, so:

    1. Inputs - then you have no formula, so you can't use formula summary.
    2. Just taking a simple text line item, and concatenating/textlist on higher level of the lower levels in a single line item.

    But maybe you have some nice workaround for the above, if so, I'd be grateful if you could share.

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