Deleted model



I have 2 questions:


-I accidentally deleted the model i worked on during the course for level 1. Do i need this model for the exam?


-When i try to start over the course from scratch for practice purposes, the model I download from chapter 1 already contains data?


Can someone help please.




Best Answer


  • @JacobC 

    1) not really

    2) As far as I remember, Level 2 of Model Builder starts with dowloading all necessary models for work in that level.

    In case of real need you can ask [email protected] to restore the WS for you. I know they make some backups from time to time.

  • Hi Kirill,


    1) clear, thank you.

    2) not sure if we’re on the same page. Let me please rephrase my question: For level 1 i just finishes my course, i would like to start over from scratch but when i download the model it already contains data? I need a clean model to start over for practicing purposes.



  • @JacobC 

    You can work with the materials Anaplan provides. No need to clean the model.

  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    The issue is that the material provided by Anaplan is not clean, it already contains data formulas and UX pages.




  • @JacobC 


    If you want to practice then create a new model from the scratch. And apply your cognitive capabilities to do whatever you would want to achieve logically.