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It would be great if we could save/automate dashboard exports from the UX in the same way that we can in the old dashboard experience. Right now, if we want to automate the sending of a dashboard export (a PDF), we need to do it as a saved view of a grid or build an old UX dashboard to export from. 


Right now, if I export a dashboard as a PDF, I can't save it as an export action in the model to be automated. Even if I just wanted to export one card, I can't save the export definition to be used later. This would be a very helpful feature, especially for management reporting. 

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  • @kevin.murphy  agree with you, good to implement! 

  • Agreed, this functionality is essential for reporting purposes.

  • Absolutely agree with @kevin.murphy here!

  • Yes we have no ability to set up an automated export of a Chart, which is a ****. Especially with new Reporting functionality, the fact that a PDF Dashboard (Ideally New UX + Report pages) export can't be saved and referenced by integrations / API calls is a big **** - executives love getting a PDF with the info they need, they don't always love following links to log in and look at reports, even though a live report is better. Just is a different workflow I'd love to be able to offer.


    George Heiler

    Anavate Partners

  • We need this!

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