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Hi Anaplan community,


According to our tenant admin it is not possible to limit the page builder role to certain workspaces.

This is causing the following issue for our organization: we want to give the opportunity to colleagues to follow the Anaplan model builder training and to create apps as part of their training, but we don't want those "student" model builders to be able to make changes to existing boards and sheets in the Apps. 

We have setup a separate training workspace for them to work in, in which they have workspace admin. Our existing production models are residing within another workspace in which they do not have workspace admin access.

However, because they need to create apps as part of the training, we granted them the page builder role and are now noticing that they can therefore make changes to ALL Apps.

Is there a way to prevent them from making changes in apps which are linked to models of the workspace in which they don't have workspace admin rights? Or simply to limit the page builder role to certain apps?


I would like to know how other organizations deal with this.

Thank you for any relevant feedback on this!

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  • LaurenF
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    The apps themselves will still be available until the training models are archived, but yes, they will lose "edit" rights when you revoke page builder access.  Creating a personal copy sounds like a great approach for those who have not finished their training or want to go back and practice.


  • Misbah



    As of now, No, there is no way to prevent them for making changes. Page builder access is not WS specific and is at Global level. You can add this into Idea Exchange forum. 



    MIZ Logix

  • For Level 1 and Level 2 model builder training, you can have them leverage My Pages instead of providing full Page Builder access. 

  • hi @LaurenF ,


    Before I proceed I want to know what happens to the apps and pages that those "student" model builders already created. If they create a personal copy of the pages they create, will they be able to access these via My Pages when they loose the page builder access role?