Use Page Selectors to Select Data for Export via Export Actions


As an End User I need to be able to select data for exporting using Page Selectors in the UX, providing a common navigation experience for interacting with data in Anaplan.  


Currently to select data for exporting I need to use selection criteria (Booleans or List Formatted Line Items) to select what I want to export.  It is not intuitive for me to understand where I should use Page Selectors vs using filtering criteria and requires text based instructions to be created to support me and can result in me making mistakes and having to run actions multiple times to get the right result.  Simplifying this will allow me to get it right first time.  


I will know when this is complete because I will be able to use the Page Selector and an Export Action button to select the data to export.  When I change the Page Selector the data exported will change with this.  Where I select Parent Levels in the hierarchy all Child items associated with that selection should be exported, similar to the hierarchy filter functionality.  


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