Problems with displaying the models for restored users


After deleting users from the workspace and then restoring them, their models stopped displaying. Users started texting me to check their access to the models. And everywhere users had "Full access" and a workspace administrator check mark. This problem was solved only by the fact that I entered the user models and only then they began to see their models. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


  • @mikhailkravtsov  I think this is quite the expected behavior.


    In Anaplan, if you delete and recreate an element in a list, with the same name, it will not generate exactly the same instance.


    I think also the users have some other internal Anaplan ID's different than the "User ID" that you can see in the last column from Users section.


    This is why I try to avoid as much as possible to delete a user and I just setup the security on models with "No Access" role instead of deleting the user from the workspace. 


    Hope it helps