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As a SA, when we perform the model review, one of the most common issues are badly written formula. MAT analysis does provide a list of potential issues. It would be nice to add another button in addition to apply as Suggest, so it can warn the users when they try to create complex formula. Even better, given the vast volume of the formula being written in our platform, if we can have AI built in to recognize 

A. Good patten

B. Good and meaningful suggestions

I believe that will dramatically improve the "efficiency" of the formula.

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  • Hi @KaiL, this sounds interesting. I've created an extension to make editing (in the new modelling experience) better (see my post about it here). Advising about poorly written formulas seems like a good feature to add, if it was do-able. What do you mean by MAT analysis?

  • KaiL

    MAT = Model Analysis Tool which is an Anaplan internally developed beta version tool. It can provide a list of common potential badly written formula which is against PLANUAL

  • @KaiL Ahh ok, thanks. Is this available to anyone, or is it a closed beta?

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