Accidently deleted users from copy of production model


We accidently deleted almost all users from a production copy model due to which all these users are also deleted automatically from the actual Production model as both models are in same workspace. Now we've tried to revert the model back to the history id when users were not deleted in Model Settings > History > Restore to ID...and it says <model successfully restored to change xxxxx> but is not adding back the users. Do not know why. can anyone help? (Meanwhile we're adding the users manually but it's the last option we have)


  • Please contact Anaplan Support (, they might be able to help you. If you resolve this problem, please post a comment here, so it can help other Anaplanners in the future.
  • Thank you for your guidance.

    We were able to restore all the deleted users by following these 2 steps:
    We manually added all deleted users with their respective roles. (we had this data)
    Then we performed Restore to ID... to history id where all users were not deleted. This helped us to restore all the selective access of those users (otherwise we would have done that manually too which would take more efforts).

    So the take away for us is that Restore to ID... may not restore the deleted users but if we add the users back manually (we can also get the deleted users emails from model history but need to have their model roles handy somewhere) and then restore the model back, it will restore all the selective accesses of the users so that we don't have to spend more efforts in determining and granting selective accesses.