process action and role permission




I have an action-process published in the NUX. This process includes 4 actions (please see the screenshot). I would like some users to be able to use this process. I have checked that their role allowed the use of the 4 actions. But despite that, they are not allowed, unless I check them as Workspace Admin





How do I proceed? Can you help me?

Thank you




  • Hi @ClaireO 


    Does the user role allow edit to the relevant list? Something that I sometimes forget to click on (as well as all the other module, actions permissions...) when there are multiple user types.



  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply
    yes, I've just checked: the user role allows edit to the relevant list.

  • @ClaireO 


    As @andrewtye  mentioned, there must be some restrictions applied.


    Below are few things that you can check

    1)  If the there is a selective access enabled for the List for which you are trying to update the data. 

    2) If the Role has Write access to the respective modules.

    3) if there is any Dynamic Cell Access applied to the modules.



  • Thank'you! I think that I have to look at selective access, I missed it...