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Since last few days, we have been encountering some unusual behavior in Anaplan. One particular line item got cleared from the production model. In another case , an import copied the data from all the line items mapped except one in particular, when we checked , all the mappings seemed fine. Even running the same import again updated the data.

To get a detailed analysis on the above issues, we have been trying to explore history for each cell that was affected, but nothing is being tracked, the entire history says no changes are done. 


Has anyone else ever faced this kind of issue? Can someone suggest any possible way to analyze this issue in particular. We are limited w.r.t. space constraints, otherwise we could have done more analysis on a copy model.


Any help is appreciated.


Thanks and Regards,

Aakash Sachdeva

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  • alexpavel
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    @aakash Sometimes, it can be tricky to find the reason.... Are you using ALM? If not, it's easier to investigate...

    If you use ALM, you can restore a history ID in the PROD Deployed model only until the last published revision tag without losing the "sync" with the DEV model. 


    If you use ALM and you need to investigate before the last published revision tag, you can ask Anaplan Support to make a copy of your PROD model that includes the history log and make the investigation on the copy of the PROD model without Deployed mode. 


    In cases like this, I try to go back in the history log and restore the model using the below steps, trying to pin-point when data "disappeared" from the module:


    1. Put mode off-line (to stop the users from other modifications)

    2. Look into the History log what is the latest ID (Current state of the model). This is important to be the Final restore to get back to the Current state of the model. 

    3. Export History Log in a separate file until a date when I know that data was present in that line-item

    4. Restore the model using ID's when I presume the data was still present in the file and verify if the data was there. 

    5. If needed, export lost data in a file in order to import it into the Current State model. 

    6. Try to restore the model using the ID's from Point 3. until the data "disappear". The goal is to find a history ID that before the data was present.. and next ID, the data disappears..and identify the issue.

    7. Restore the model on the ID from Point 2. 

    8. Fix the issue that generated the loss of data (hoping that you understand what caused it.

    9. If needed, import the lost data.


    There are some particular cases when an input cell modification is not traced in the history log.


    - in a line-item was added and then removed a formula. This will not "leave" a trace in cell history, but you should see in the history log the trace of the formula modification for that particular line-item. 


    - if it was launched "Bulk Copy". Bulk Copy does not leave a trace cell history log. Below are some details about it:


    About not updating data in the target cells:

     - verify if the source line-item changed its name. Renaming the source line-item could "break" the mapping. It does not seem to be your as you said that you launched the import action after and the import worked as expected. 


    - re-verify the "timing" and "sequence" when the import action is launched. It is possible that at the time of launching the import action, the source line-item did not have the "correct" values. 


    Hope it helps




  • Hi @aakash 

    1st case - particular line item got cleared in production model

    -check the history in dev, if someone by mistakenly deleted that line item but there is constraint for this as history will show only 1000 records. To overcome this take a copy and archive in dev, if the development is critical.
    -another way, compare by revision tags in production model but this takes longer time to analyze.

    2nd case - An import copied the data from all the line items mapped except one in particular,
    - check if the line item from source is a subsidiary view, if yes then try to bring in source data same as dimension of target or lesser dimensions than target line items.
    - I assumed when you were checking cell data, you have also checked for "All" in history range. if not, please check All time range for history in cell data.
    - If the data was previously coming and now if it is not coming then there must a change in structure. you can analyze the same way as above if the action is non production action. 
    - last option would be unarchiving the copy model and check for history.


  • To clarify a couple of the points @ManjunathKN made:

    1. There is no limitation to the amount of model history retained in a model. While only 1000 records are displayed in the dialog, you can export the full history from the selected timeframe to a file.

    2. Regarding model copies, the model history is NOT retained in the copy of the model. So you will not be able to use a copy to drill into the history of a model.