Snapshot Current System time function


Currently there is no current date/time function in Anaplan. After talking with developer from engineering group, we understand that one of the challenges to implement this is that Anaplan is "moment of time" system, if you have a formula reference Current time, then it would be only true for that moment, what happen if the system went to sleep or many other intricate cases ....  However, as a developer, sometimes we only need snapshot of current date/time, for example, when we run an action, we want to log in a module when that was run or when we add a new member to the hierarchy. We just need to get current time then store away. If we limit the scope to the snapshot of the current date/time, hopefully this will make the implementation simpler. 


Currently, in new UX, we can also use Write Data action to store the current date into a module, however you have to manually run that action via new UX, maybe just as easy as make that Available to regular action so we can imbed that one to a regular process.


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