what are the most common Challenges in anaplan & how can we deal with it


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Anyone let me know, What are the most common challanges in anaplan while dealing with client & in support projects . How can we deal with it


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    Crisp salute to you for asking! Here's the perspective of 3 master anaplanners on the top 10 mistakes made during an implementation.


    In terms of support challenges you'll want to make sure these are addressed:

    • SLA agreements
    • Enable ITIL processes: Incident, Problem, and Service Request
    • Set up ticketing system
    • Set up measurements and report out the statistics to help manage expectations
    • Anaplan training
    • Anaplan COE- needed to coordinate between support and development - must have governance over the data hub at the very least
    • For development and ongoing improvements, recommend a roadmap
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    Can u please let me know, Same challenges in Development projects?

  • Precalculating memory requirements is our most complex challenge as anaplan licensing does not have a pay per usage model.

    So you have to anticipate how many Gb you need for a model while not knowing until dev is done how much you need for your model.


    Other challenges are around not being able to change fiscal year without having a revision.


    Another one is around alm in anaplan cannot manage multiple parallel dev. branches and cannot manage dev. branches merging into a main one.


    Those are the first ones that comes to mind.