Copy models from a workspace to an empty workspace

I’d like to copy the two models from the source workspace to the target workspace. The target workspace is empty.


Turns out without anything contained inside the target workspace, the target doesn’t show up in the list of workspaces when I try to use the Import feature in Manage Models.


What is the solution to that problem?


  • Normally I just create an empty model, do the copy and then delete the other one.

  • Hi @vitocolombo ,

    Although Anaplan provides an Empty model now a day but 
    I usually do a workaround in such case , 
    i create a dummy model and then start the normal process , at the end of my process i delete the extra created model.

    hope this would have helped you.

  • Note that to use the Import Models functionality, you navigate first to the target workspace, and then select the models from the source workspace that you want to import from.


    In order to access the Manage Models screen for an empty workspace, you can follow the instructions on this page: There will be a selector to let you choose an existing workspace, at which point the Manage Models dialog will open for that workspace.