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Trying to build a module that will import into my 'Users' tab so my client can add users from the UX. So far I've created a module with needed input fields in the columns but unsure of what to put in the rows to allow new line items if they're adding multiple users. Any suggestions on how to go about this or how else to build?




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  • ryan_kohn
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    There is a really good 3-part How To on building a User Access Management model published here: Highly recommend reading through that to help think through all the considerations. There is also a downloadable guide and starter models linked within the article series.


    For the rows in your case, you'll want to create a List whose items represent your users. The initial list items can be copied over from the Users list, but since you want to allow people to add new users, you'll need to allow adding new items to the list. The email address will serve as the unique ID for importing into the native Users list, so I'd recommend using a Numbered List and adding a line item for Email Address, so that the field can be edited via the UX.