Allow for 'Invalid' formulas during model changes

When model building often we get requirements that require changing the dimensions of a line item / changing hierarchy levels etc. Basically things that will break existing formulas.

To make these changes to an existing model I'll laboriously go about copying formulas that will break somewhere else, carefully making a note of what line item each one was for. I could also do an export of the line items view that shows formulas. I'll them remove them from Anaplan, make my changes, then put them back in (altered to be correct with the model changes). This process isn't too bad when it's one or two formulas that need correcting, or even when the model is small enough to make a copy to use to refer to the formulas, however it's far from ideal.

I would like to be able to have formulas that can be invalid and act as for reference only (obviously they couldn't be used to calculate values). Perhaps they should prevent user-entered data like an 'active' formula does now as a formula being in place (even an invalid one) indicates that we're not after user-generated values. Anaplan should then indicate which formulae are invalid, both when viewing the blueprint of the line item and ideally in some central place, perhaps the notifications area.. The model builder would then go through each formula and correct it, making it 'active' again as normal.

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