Option for the default file format for new exports from classic dashboards

In a May Anaplan release the platform was updated such that when users in classic dashboards created a new ad-hoc export, the default file format was now .csv, not .xls.   In many respects this was an improvement and certain customers preferred the .csv setting, but some customers need the files to be in an Excel format and now the action to override the new default was an inconvenience for users.   The request is that we either have an option for the default, so that customers can select the default they want, or to change the default to .xlsx (like New UX pages default) or back to .xls.


This is picking up from a discussion in a different Idea here.

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  • tiina.heikkinen
    edited November 2022

    Even better format would be .xlsx. But great idea to develop the capability so, that e.g. companies could select the best suitable format for them, OR that end-users could themselves define the default extract format.

  • Jsalvata
    edited November 2022

    Agreed, ability for users to be able to set a default would be great.  If not by users, then possibly as an Admin at the model level (since different models may require different defaults).

  • twan.laan@sbb.ch
    edited November 2022

    We're now confronted with our financial business partners complaining that they need to set the export format to .xlsx right now, as the default has been changed to .csv

    I understand that such preferences vary from customer to customer and in fact from end user to end user. A possibility to set the default for each customer and/or each end user would be much appreciated.

  • RalfdeGier
    edited November 2022

    It would be nice to set a standard export for each model. I have recieved several complaints from my business that the standard export has been changed to csv. 

  • CommunityMember83237
    edited November 2022

    yes, I would also support the ability for the Workspace admin to be able to set the default file export format for our workspace   thanks!

  • Y.Ricciuti
    edited November 2022

    YES; please allow this. Many of our users are now complaining about the switch to the .csv default. As requested almost 2 years ago here (https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Idea-Exchange/Set-xlsx-as-the-default-format-when-extracting-data-from-Anaplan/idc-p/82656/highlight/true#M6546) it would be better if the default format could be set by the Customer.

  • maricel
    edited November 2022

    Yes, Please allow either Workspace admin or each user to change their desired file type in Export Format. Received complain about switching to .csv format. It would take additional steps every time user will choose to export files in xlsx. Majority of my model users preferred (and using) "xlsx" or "xls".

  • MCousar
    edited November 2022

    Yes, myself and the team I work with fully support this. It would be incredibly beneficial for our user base to have the option to adjust the default export format. Thanks!

  • jo_maassen_1
    edited November 2022

    I fully agree with the people above. I get a lot of complaints from end-users!

    1. The best option would be that the default export format could be user dependend. 
    2. If this is not possible then the admin should be able to determine the default export format. 
      CSV is for sure not the prefered format for end users. 
    3. If the default format will be determined by Anaplan, then XLSX should be first and CSV second in the list. 

    thanks a lot!


  • richbhar
    edited November 2022

    Bumping this up as we have end users complaining about it too.

    Would be super helpful to have at least a WS-level default ability to be set up by the admin.

  • Jerald.Reyes
    edited November 2022

    I agree with the previous comments above and It will be really helpful if we have an option to set the default export file type for each of the users just like assigning Roles in Users tab. I think this can be handled by the workspace administrator.

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