Update the Summary Method Setting

In Level-1 under "8.8.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Size, Margin Report Module" why do we need to change the Margin % line item Summary Method setting to Formula.

What is the outcome or output of this change?

Is that a major impact on output?

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  • AntonMineev
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    Hi @IrfanMohammed 


    By changing the summation method to a formula, you correct a logical error.



    Margin, % on SKU 1 is 5% and on SKU 2 it is 10%. With the standard summation method, you would get Margin, % as 15%, which is incorrect. The summation method will re-divide the formula for the brand Margin by the revenue and get a recalculated Margin % value relevant to the brand.


    Attached is a screenshot that shows the recalculation. Without changing the Margin summation, the % on the chocolate will be 1000%, which is fundamentally wrong.


  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @IrfanMohammed 


    Summary "Formula" at the summary level means that the same logic which is used to evaluate at lower levels will be used at the parent levels . formula summary is used for percentage since percent should depend on the calculation values even at higher levels .



  • alexpavel
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    @IrfanMohammed The impact is on aggregated cells ( upper-level cells) from a module.  


    By default, Anaplan applies a formula only to the cells that are at the intersection of the base members from the lists. To show values in the upper-level cells ( intersection of the upper elements of a list) Anaplan applies the Summary method ( Sum, AVG, etc..).

    When the summary method is changed to "Formula" for a line-item, you "tell" Anaplan to re-apply the Formula also to the upper-level cells. 


    For calculation of the Prices or Percentages, in most of the cases, you will need to change the summary method to "Formula" in order to have correct results in upper-level cells.  


    Hope it helps