2.3.10 Activity: Create Demand Forecast- Need Help

I'm not getting any values for my 3 line items after the baseline forecast. I cannot figure out why this is happening. I see growth percentages in my source modules, but they are not being carried over in my formula for my "DEM03 Demand Forecast Module".





  • Hi @Jzink 

    Your Formula for Growth Rate % seems to be correct. Try changing your summary method for growth rate % from SUM to NONE.

    hope it helps.




    Muizz S.

  • Thanks @muizzsk9890. I realized that was part of the issue. I also wasn't looking at the right product level when comparing my work with the examples 😅
  • Hi @Jzink 


    Can you share how to make sure to select right product level? I am stuck at this step and can't figure out how to ressolve. 



  • Hi @VatsalDSoni ,


    You can change your product levels by using the drop down arrows at the top of your table. Your product level is currently selected to show the "Nutzo Bar_EN" product for the "Candyate" account. I think this is the default, but the image used in the program is for a different product I believe (I don't remember what the product is).


    Hope this helps!




    Joshua (@Jzink)

  • Hi @Jzink 


    Thanks for responding, I know now how to update product level now, anyhoo I still am not getting the result I need, I guess I have got wrong formula somewhere. Can you please check my formula for Default Forecast line item and suggest required updates?




  • It's hard to know for sure since I can't see your growth rate % formula, but I suspect the issue might be with your summary method for the default forecast. Try setting it to none. 


    The default forecast shouldn't be summarized. See if that works. If not, it may be an issue with default forecast or growth rate % formula.

  • hi @Jzink ,


    I changed my summary method to none for Default Forecast line item but still nothings changed. Below is my formula for growth% line item.