Model Open Analysis vs Model Performance Analysis



I reckon there are two reports we can ask Anaplan to run for the models to gauge its performance. Wanted to know a bit more about Model Open Analysis and Performance Analysis reports - what do they entail and when should we go for one over the other. Thanks!

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  • MarkWarren
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    The model open analysis is a service that Anaplan Support can offer for anyone having modelling performance issues - contact

    Other types of analysis (including concurrency testing) can be done through Anaplan Professional Service teams and you can contact your Anaplan customer account person, or work through a partner to set this up.

    The third level of model analysis is available to all Hypercare customers, speak to your dedicated Hypercare advisor to set up.

    In terms of what they offer, the model open analysis is the most basic. It does show all the calculations in the model, done in full, when the model is loaded. Some of these may be relevant to the particular performance issue you are chasing. It shows the total processing time, rather than duration.
    Other model analysis can be more targeted towards specific user actions, showing only what is triggered when a user change is made. This allows for very targeted optimizations to be done.

    The model open is a hammer, the targeted analysis is a scalpel!