Ability to configure message when user doesn't have access to a card in NUX


I would really love to see a way for model builders configure the message that appears in a NUX card when a particular role does not have access to it.

    • Current state: When you restrict someone’s access to a card, you get the following default message, along with the client ID:MichelleLee_0-1655165611062.png
    • Benefit of New Feature: Being able to control the message on access restricted cards would easily allow users to understand whether their access is restricted intentionally, or if there is an access provisioning error. 
      • For example, there may be cases where we want multiple user roles to use the same page for a given functionality. However, only a subset of cards on the page are relevant to everyone.
      • For users who don’t see all cards, I would love for the default message to either be blank, or say something like “These metrics are only intended for [x] user group.”
      • In absence of this feature, we would have to create duplicate pages to enable the above scenario, while preventing users from seeing the default "You can't access this card" message.
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