Delete from List using Selection must work differently for the nested list


My Idea: For the backward compatibility, add a check box in "Delete from List using Selection" action. When it's TRUE (default is FALSE) - running the action will delete all elements (leaf and parents) which have TRUE in the selection line item.

This won't affect already excisting processes, but will allow to have one action instead of multiple within one list/hierarchy.

Problem: When I run the action which expected to clear the entire nested list only leaf items are actually getting cleared.


This is supposed to be a service action. Which means it should not be anyhow felt by user when he/she runs a necessary action. If we ask user to run action multiple times "to see the necessary result" - it will be very strange user experience. You can see below that the presented elements will be all deleted only from the fourth time the action run.


This is maybe expected behaviour if we use standard hierarchy (this way we would  want to clear the particular level). But not when it's nested.

Workaround: Currently, to clear the list eventually I have to run the action as many times as I have levels in the nested list. Without the proposed idea I must create an undefined number of the same Delete actions, put them in the process so the leaf items would be cleared out level by level. The number is undefined as users can manipulate the list as they want (having as many levels as Anaplan allows). You can see that this approach is almost a hardcode and not flexible at all.


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