Role Needed for Management Reporting


I have a Page Builder who would like to be able to create management reports but that is not an option for the user once they select Create a Page in the App. They can only see Board or Worksheet but not Report. What role or other security access do they need in order to be able to create a Report?

Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote
    Make sure they are not try to create the report in My Pages.
    It is not possible to create a report page in My Pages as it must be done in the app.


  • 1. As a primary step, I would confirm that the concerned person has the following role enabled:


    2. If not, I would encourage you to write to Anaplan support to confirm if the reports are available for the license.

  • kjochim

    @ashubham The user is already enabled as a Page Builder. I will seek out Anaplan support as suggested. Thanks!