Selective access functionality not working in module


Hi everyone,


The Dynamic cell access (DCA) functionality of Anaplan which can be utilised by checking the Selective Access box while choosing the format of the line item is not working as per expectations.


The dimension of the module is a combination list and we have the Rate area coming up in a line item on which I've provided the Selective Access. I've also given the user selective access on Rate area from the Users tab and the user also has access to this particular module. But the outcome is that the user is able to view all the combinations instead of only those combinations of Rate area which he has access to. Kindly let me know if I'm going wrong anywhere or missing out on something.


PFA the screenshots for the same.






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  • KirillKuznetsov


    Enabled selective access on a line item works only when you use it as input.

    For output - you have to use workaround to hide values (via DCA) or full line (via filter) for a user. One of the solutions is to create "users' selective access storage" modules.

    For example, for Rate area list there should be a module dimensioned by Users and Rate area with boolean line item "Access enabled". This will be your driver to filter lines or to hide cells (via DCA).


  • @kartikay2110 By the name convention you used, I assume G* lists are hierarchical lists. Can you please make sure the user does not have write access to higher level: G1/G2/G3? If so, he will have write privileges to all children from that particular item. Can you provide a snipe on the user's tab as well, with selective access input? 

  • I've just noticed he used a formula on that line item, my assumption was he tries to input and sees all list items. DCA should be working for display! 

  • Hi Kirill,


    Thanks for the quick reply. I'd already implemented the DCA using the respective module for DCA but I was wondering if I could somehow manage the same using the Selective access functionality of the line item. But I got your point that this will only be applicable to an input field.