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I'm trying to log into the Google Sheets Connector via SSO. I follow the normal steps; click Log in > Click to Allow Access with my Identity Provider > (new window appears) click Log in with Single Sign-on > enter my email address. After this, the window that prompted me for my email address redirects into the Anaplan web app interface as opposed to giving me access on the Google Sheets Connector. Any ideas?

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  • EmilyJ
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    I am pleased to confirm this has now been resolved. For any further queries regarding this issue please contact


    Emily, Anaplan Product Team


  • I have had this happen to me before, but the authentication starting working again and I wasn't able to determine the root cause. I recommend submitting a case to to help troubleshoot.

  • Have you checked the e-mail address you use for signing on to Google is the same email address you sign into Anaplan with?


    If so then as per previous comment raise a ticket with support

  • Hi, 

    We had the same issue and managed to fix it by logging in using a private / incognito browser. 

  • Ali

    Hi all,


    Ive documented this as a known issue with a few workarounds. We are working on a fix for this!


    Apologies for any disruption this has caused.

  • Amazing! It's working perfectly.