Allow more intuitive date input via keyboard



As an end user, I want to be able to type in dates into date-formatted fields using a flexible and intuitive format, so that it is quicker and easier for me to enter required data into a model and allowing me to focus on the outputs, rather than having to spend additional time thinking through the format of my input.


Example of Enhancement:

Currently, the only text input format allowed for date fields is "dd/mm/yyyy". However, this is always the most intuitive format. An example would be the date 03/31/2022. Today, I need to type in "03/31/2022".


At a minimum, I would also expect the following formats to be allowed, but they don't work:

  • 3/31/22
  • 3/31/2022


As a nice to have, I would also like to be able to skip typing the current year for current year dates. Example:

  • "3/31" should result in 03/31/2022 if I type it during 2022, or 03/31/2023 if I type it during 2023, etc.


Benefit / Impact:

The extra keystrokes and format are counterintuitive when compared to other tools that allow date entry (e.g. Excel, Sheets, most websites, etc). This is a frustrating experience that slows me down, and generally makes planning slower when I need to enter a number of date overrides.


The current workarounds for this issue are to type in the full date, with leading zeros and 4-digit year, or to use the calendar picker. However, both these options are slower.

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  • This is a great idea! We're switching over to the NUX from classic, and the end users have already begun complaining about the need to enter the dates as MM/DD/YYYY for the input to actually take. It seems like a small inconvenience, but when you have people entering dates into multiple different places, it can get quite tedious.

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