Ability to attach an export to email notification and send it to non-Anaplan users


Hi there,


It would be good to have an option to send a notification to non-Anaplan users and add an export file to the email notification.

So, this will give a flexibility to the end user to inform non-Anaplan user while staying in Anaplan.



Humay Kh.

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  • Hi Product team.  This idea came up in a customer meeting today.  Please let us know if you need any input / clarification.  Basically, Notifications are very powerful when recipient is an Anaplan user, but if not they cannot see the resulting data.   I would still strongly encourage that Anaplan users connect into the page/card directly when possible in order to so follow up planning, broader review directly in the application.  For those users who don't have access - this feature would be useful.

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