Is there a way to view model history on the front end?


Is there a way to view model history on the front end?


Example: As a front end user I would like to be able to pull the model history, similar to the one available in the back end.



  • End users can access cell-level model history. See here for more detail:


    Something to keep in mind is that for large models, it can take some time to generate the model history, and this is also a blocking activity for the model. I would recommend end users only pull model history for a very short date range at a time, as anything more will tend to impact concurrency.

  • As soon as I get a chance to test it, I will let you know. Perhaps this method will work with what i need.
  • You can create a model history export action that exports all model history for a set time period by clicking the save option (on a standard model)



    You can then automate the export of model history action (using a script , see page 85), then import the model history back into an Anaplan module for reporting. The model history headers will vary though based on updates to dimensions so you'll have to account for that when loading into module line items. 

  • There should be a way to get model history into a module so it can be summarized and queried on. There have been multiple users who have asked for a 'change report.' Managers want to see what has changed in the model sometimes by person sometimes by time period. SOX teams who evaluate commission calculation for ICM models want to see changes to the model.

  • @jbrown It sounds like you're suggesting a feature improvement for Anaplan. If so, I'd suggest submitting an idea to the Idea Exchange.


    I found this one, but I'm not sure if it's exactly what you were looking for:

  • Thank You @ryan_kohn , 

    The two components of the enhancement are
    1. capture the structural(changes to formula in line items) changes in history
    2. all of history can be accessible in a module type format.

    I will put on the idea exchange.